Monday, November 11, 2013

Change What?

I can’t count how many people have told me they will be ready to work with a money coach as soon as they take care of a few other things.  What could those things be that would delay starting a positive change in your life?

·        I’m too busy or I can’t afford it

·        My bills and bank statements are disheveled and I need to get organized first

·        Let me get done with this big project at work that is distracting me

·        I’m stuck right now anyway, so how could I work on changing?


If someone told you the work phrase “do you want fries with that?” could be in your past, and the new job pays twice the wage with benefits, why would you stay in the old job another minute?  If you received a gift certificate for a house cleaning, would you pick up the house first so they wouldn’t think you are sloppy?


We all have reasons we are afraid to move forward.  What if I start the new job, and find out that they don’t like me?  If we try a new spending plan we might not be able to see the inside of a restaurant ever again unless we’re working there to make some extra money.  It’s so overwhelming that looking deeper into the problem will only make it worse and I’ll get depressed.  These fears sound familiar to most of us thinking about a change in our lives. 


I recently was in the same quandary about working with a personal coach.  I’m afraid I’ll try and fail.  I want to be positive that I choose the best coach for me.   I’m not sure that I need to change all that much.  I could spend the money on something else.  I finally realized if I think the right coach is going to add value to my life, I should get started.  I can think of a few big decisions that I delayed, and later wondered what took me so long to make the easy choice.


Having gone through this thought process, I’ve committed to hiring that coach.  I’m ready to be open to change, and I don’t have to be done with everything else to start the coaching process.  Personal coaching is valuable to me, and I know I’ll make the time and effort to get the most out of it.


 What decision are you delaying?  Take the first step right now. 


Question:  What excuses did you overcome to move forward?  Share in the comments.

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