Friday, December 30, 2016

Five Ways I’ve improved my Life in 2016

    I promised to reveal ways I felt I improved my life in 2016. Here's what I'd like to share:

1.       I have less stuff: William Morris said “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  That is my thought process when looking at my clothes, kitchen, pantry, freezer, bathroom cupboards, bookshelf and files.  Having less means not as much to clean, items are easier to find, and I feel lighter.
2.       Expanded our Travel:  As we focus more on experiences, we enjoy our trips even more.  Visiting family in Hawaii, while doing lots of walking and hiking.  Spur of the moment flight to Mexico with no plans or expectations, or weekday trips to Lake Tahoe to take in all the beauty and fresh air.

3.       I am motivated to enjoy Optimal Health:  That means physical health, mental health, and financial health.  I try to spread my efforts into all three areas for a good balance.  Earlier this year, I was turning into an old person by having conversations with friends about our ailments.  No more. I’m steering towards encouragement of positive activities.  More farmers markets, less weight, more cooking from scratch, more planned menus.
4.       I’m striving to be Present:  Fully participating in conversations, blocking out distraction, being intensive in what I am doing.  Creating a weekly planner to make sure I move forward with my goals.  Breaking it down to a daily planner to prioritize and takes steps towards progress and completion.
5.       Letting go:  Not just stuff.  I’m talking about still thinking I would take up golfing, or trying one more time to get along with that negative friend that drains me emotionally.  Embracing excellence instead of perfection (that will always be a challenge for me.)  Saying “no” to responsibilities or obligations I don’t need to carry. Less disappointment about choices other people make.

What about you?  What have you improved, and what will your focus be for the coming year?